E-Z Pipecut Band Crawler: Oxy-Fuel Pipe Cutting Machine For Tight Spaces

The ideal solution for pipe cutting and beveling in close quarters, the Band Crawler requires as little as 6" (153 mm) of clearance around the pipe. Install the stainless steel band crawler oxy-fuel pipe cutting and beveling tool anywhere on the conduit and it conforms to the pipe shape, producing a consistent precise bevel, even on severely out-of-round pipe.

The lightweight Band Crawler oxy-fuel pipe cutting machine can be quickly set up and operated by one person on pipe as large as 60" (1,524 mm). Bands 48" (1,219 mm) and larger feature a standard stiffening rib which simplifies one-person set-up.

  • Precise - Band conforms precisely to the out-of-round condition of the pipe to maintain consistent pipe cutting tip distance from pipe surface
  • Simple - One person can set up this oxy-fuel pipe beveling and cutting machine and cut horizontal or vertical pipes as large as 48" (1,219 mm)
  • Low profile - Requires as little as 10½" (267 mm) of radial clearance
  • One size fits all - One Band Crawler fits all band sizes
  • Fast - 60% faster than hand cutting and grinding
  • Motorized - Available with PLASMASPEED digital motor control