Pipe alignment clamps have become an essential piece of equipment in the installation of new pipe systems or the repair of existing ones. Mathey Dearman offers you a wide variety of pipe fitting up clamps that ensure piping remains aligned during welding operations, reducing the risk of fire hazards, leaks, breaks, and efficiency losses due to pressure drop along the line.

Mathey Dearman manufactures industry-leading pipe welding alignment tools, helping align to pipe accurately so it can be welded without risk of buckling, distortion or other imperfections. These pipe alignment tools and heavy duty reforming clamps also eliminate the need for extensive secondary operations, such as grinding and boring.

With continuous improvement and new additions, Mathey Dearman now offers the most complete line of pipe alignment fit-up clamps and pipe welding alignment tools in the industry, including chain clamps, rim clamps, sleeve clamps, and hydraulic cage clamps.