E-Z Fit Double Chain Pipe Clamp

The E-Z Fit Double Chain pipe clamp is an extra heavy duty clamp designed for alignment and reforming of pipes and vessels up to 20' (6M) with up to schedule 80 wall thickness. The double chain clamp will align pipes with any wall schedule.

Our specialised triple jackscrew heavy duty jackbars and double chain lock devices can deal with the most difficult of reforming jobs with operational ease.

The extra heavy duty jackbars and double main block provide the strength to accomplish reforming jobs on pipe wall thicknesses that other clamps simply cannot. Models 10" - 36" to 10" - 54" can use level and support devices and all other models with cable hoists which can all be purchased as an accessory.

The E-Z Fit Double Chain pipe clamps are available as stainless steel models with stainless steel contact points and chain to enable the welding of exotic materials with no risk of contamination. All clamps are supplied in their own durable storage cases.

Clamps can also be supplied with an optional torque wrench to apply the correct tension to the chain (150nm). This allows the exact required tension to be applied to the chain.

Features and advantages:

  • Precision alignment - The double jackbars, spaced around the outside diameter of the pipe, provide accurate alignment and reforming of the internal or external diameters of both pipes within 0.5 mm

  • Extremely tough - Reforms pipes on both sides of the weld joint to schedule 80, aligns all wall schedules, elbows, tees and other fittings

  • Adaptable - The chain clamp can be used to align, and reform elbow, tees and other fittings that a cage clamp cannot cope with. One chain clamp covers the range of up to 100 cage clamps

  • Extra heavy duty independent jackbars - Enable the operator to form the pipe to the required shape. Each jackbar has three (3) independently pivoting Jackscrews to cope with uneven surfaces

  • Versatile - Elbows, tees and other fittings can be aligned with the level and support device