Pipefitter's Square

Pipefitter's SquareThe Stainless Steel Pipefitter’s Square from Mathey Dearman is a precision Square designed specifically for pipefitters, boilermakers, welders and layout persons. After becoming familiar with the scales and tables of the Square, many complex problems encountered during pipe fit-up and layout work are easily solved.

Pipefitter's Square may be used to:

  • Check the squareness of one surface to another.
  • Find pipe center line.
  • Determine the flange bolt length and diameter.
  • Find the number of bolt holes in a flange.
  • Measure center-to-end dimensions of pipe elbows and tees.
  • Find the through-hub length of a flange.
  • Determine the outside diameter of a weld neck flange.
  • Determine arc length for a given radius.
  • Measure angles off horizontal or vertical plane with level.
  • Measure in 12ths or 16ths of an inch.
  • Solve triangles or offsets.
  • Find decimal equivalents.
  • Layout a variety of weld joint configurations.


Model Description Blade Length St x Lg x Thick in (mm)
Pipefitter’s Square 15 1/2 x 24 x 1/8 Thick (394 x 610 x 3 Thick)