Flange Line Up Pins (FLUP)

Stainless Steel Flange Line Up PinsSlide Locking (C) and Wobble Nuts (D)

The Slide-lock style features an easy to use locking lever for release, while the Wobble-nut style uses a clever design that requires less than one spin of the nut to disengage for removal. The wide profile supports a level or square solidly when used in pairs. (Limited quantity - discontinued)

Push Button Flup (E)

The new Flange Line Up Pin installs and quickly removes thanks to its convenient push-button operation. Rugged ACME thread and rust-resistant black oxide coated carbon steel means you can expect years of reliable use.

Mini Pins (B) and Quick Release (A)

Fit Up Pro offers two additional sizes of flange pins, leveling and alignment. The PN 2120 (A) are steel pins with built in levels eliminating the need for two additional level tools. These flange pins fit-up 1 ½" flange holes and have a “wobble” nut that acts as a quick release feature reducing time setting up and breaking down flange alignment. The PN 2124 (B) are smaller stainless-steel mini pins that fit flange holes up to 1". The knurled surfaces are an additional feature that allow snug flange hole fitting that increases accuracy during flange alignment.

Flange Line-Up Pins (now sold in pairs)
A 2120 Flange Pins w/quick release & level (Carbon) 4 1.8 8 x 6 x 4 203.2 x 152.4 x 101.6
B 2124 Mini Pins (Stainless Steel) 1 0.5 8 x 6 x 4 203.2 x 152.4 x 101.6
C 05.0100.000 Slide-Lock Locking - Pair (limited quantity - discontinued) 4 1.80 8 x 10 x12 203 x 254 x 305
D 05.0100.010 Wobble-Nut FLUP - pair (limited quantity - discontinued) 4 1.80 8 x 10 x12 203 x 254 x 305
E 05.0100.020 Push Button FLUP - pair 2 0.90 8 x 10 x12 203 x 254 x 305