Saddle Machine 1SA Saddle Machine 1SA


Digital Speed Control for the Ultimate in Pipe Cutting Precision


  • Proven digital stepper motor technology provides ultra-precise speed control uphill and downhill
  • XL size control switches for easy operation with gloved hands
  • Bright daylight LED speed display for easy visibility indoors or in the field
  • Soft-start torch acceleration helps make smoother bevels with little to no grinding touch-up
  • Integrated circuit breakers protect electronics without the need to carry or replace fuses
  • Selectable plasma torch auto start eliminates the need for separate pendant
  • Easy to reach standard E-stop for improved safety
  • Operates on 115 or 230 VAC for use in any country

PlasmaSpeed Digital ControlSpecifications


  • Operating Voltage – 110VAC to 240VAC, 50Hz or 60Hz
  • Current Capacity – 6A
  • Power Connector – 110VAC / 240VAC configurable Plug, with Ground.
  • Motor Connector - 6 Pin Cannon Style Plug
  • Plasma Connector - 2 Pin Cannon Style Plug
  • Motor Protection – Electronic Overload, Short Circuit and Over Temperature
  • Incoming Power Protection – Resettable Circuit Breaker


  • Operating Temperature - -40°F [-40°C] to 185°F [85°C]
  • Enclosure – Extruded and Cast Aluminum


  • Speed Display – 3-Digit, LED Display, Sunlight Readable
  • Selector Switch – Forward-Off-Reverse, Rough Duty
  • Speed Control – Rough Duty
  • Emergency Stop – Push to Set / Turn to Release

PlasmaSpeed Saddle Machines

Saddle Machine PlasmaSpeed Options
03.0100.S01 Stepper motor driven MSA
03.0100.SA1 Stepper motor retrofit kit, MSA
03.0101.S01 Stepper motor driven 1SA
03.0101.SA1* Stepper motor retrofit kit, 1SA / 2SA*
03.0102.S01 Stepper motor driven 2SA
03.0103.S01 Stepper motor driven 3SA
03.0103.SA1* Stepper motor retrofit kit, 3SA / 4SA*
03.0104.S01 Stepper motor driven 4SA
03.0105.S01 Stepper motor driven 5SA
03.0105.SA1* Stepper motor retrofit kit, 5SA / 6SA / 8SA*
03.0106.S01 Stepper motor driven 6SA
03.0108.S01 Stepper motor driven 8SA
* Must send to Mathey to perform retrofit.

PlasmaSpeed Band Crawlers

Band Crawler PlasmaSpeed Options
05.0116.S01 Stepper motor driven Band Crawler
05.0116.SA1 Stepper motor retrofit kit, Band Crawler

PlasmaSpeed Mini-Jollis

Mini-Jolli PlasmaSpeed Options
05.0520.S01 Stepper motor driven Mini-Jolli
05.0520.SA1 Stepper motor retrofit kit, Mini-Jolli