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World Pipeline Article

World Pipeline reviews our new Sleeve Clamp.

August, 2016

The Mathey Dearman team has introduced a new Sleeve Clamp that is rewriting industry standards by improving safety for pipeline repairs.

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Mathey Dearman Management To Continue Emphasis on Product Innovation.

June, 2016

The Mathey Dearman team has introduced a suite of new products and enhancements over the past few years to improve productivity and safety in the field. And, Mathey has several new offerings under development. We're excited to have Jim Locker step into a leadership role, given his experience developing and launching innovative products to a variety of markets. Jim will continue the new product focus that Doug Hughes brought to Mathey. Doug has joined a manufacturer of lifting and material handling products as President of US Operations.

Jim's career experience spans a range of durable products businesses, from consumer to capital equipment industries. He has worked for companies such as GE and Danaher as well as privately held companies in president, sales, marketing and engineering roles and has been a member of Mathey's board of directors. Joining Jim is Todd Ray as Mathey’s COO. Todd has extensive experience in senior sales and marketing roles for industrial products, serving US and International markets.

When asked about the opportunities at Mathey, Jim and Todd reiterated that they were, "looking forward to working with Mathey Dearman to continue its leadership position in the industry. Mathey has always been an innovator in developing new products to improve safety and productivity. Their new ground breaking CNC Pipe Cutting Saddle Machines bring an unsurpassed level of efficiency to pipefitters in the field or in a facility. The new Sleeve Clamp is rewriting industry standards by improving safety for pipeline repairs. Mathey is also about to announce an alliance with a European manufacturer to market their products in the United States. It's exciting to be part of this positive momentum and face tomorrow's challenges with such a good team."

Questions or comments should be directed to: Corky Stewart, Director of Sales, Mathey Dearman, Inc., 4344 South Maybelle Avenue, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74107.

Daniel Bartyzel Joins Intermountain Marketing Group

February, 2016

Mathey Dearman is pleased to announce the addition of Daniel Bartyzel to their extended sales team.

Daniel joined Intermountain Marketing Group as an Outside Sales Representative and will be responsible for accounts in New Mexico and Colorado.

Daniel attended Technical Vocational Institute in Albuquerque, NM from 1993-1995, and has received sales training from the Brooks Institute in Greensboro, NC.  Prior to accepting this position, he has served as the Sales Engineer/Accounts Manager for Daiken AC, and as a Manufacturer's Representative for both McCoy Sales and the Heiter Corporation. 

 Daniel brings 14 years of sales experience with a proven track record of sales success.  We feel his experience will be invaluable in meeting the goals and objectives of Mathey Dearman.  Daniel and can be reached via phone at (303) 653-3324 or via

Intermountain Marketing Group (IMG) currently services welding supply, industrial supply, construction supply, STAFDA, and rental yards throughout the Rocky Mountain Region.

KB Sales to Handle New England Territory

January, 2016

Mathey Dearman is pleased to announce the addition of KB Sales to their team effective January 1.  KB Sales will be covering  the following states: New York, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, and Vermont.

This territory was previously managed by Mr. Derek Milner, who was with Mathey Dearman for over 10 years, Derek passed away unexpectedly in November of 2015.  We know that Derek left a great foundation for KB Sales and we are confident that their team will do a great job of building on his legacy.

KB Sales has over 20 years of experience working with national accounts specializing in the welding, construction, utility industrial and safety markets.  Partners Gene Kramer and Pete Barnable focus on developing relationships with the end user to help them turn problems in opportunities and promote their long term growth and success.  Contact KB Sales at 631-269-7260.


Delco Sales Northwest to Join Mathey Dearman Sales Team

December, 2015

Mathey Dearman is pleased to announce the addition of Delco Sales Northwest to their team, operated by Sjon Delmore, Paul Drake and Steve Roberts. “We are excited to be able to expand our sales representation in the Northwest where Mr. Delmore and his counterparts will be working jointly with our existing representative, Mr. Dan Enz.”, states Corky Stewart, Sales Manager, Mathey Dearman. 
Sjon Delmore has been in the welding industry for over 20 years and lives in Tacoma, Washington. Mr. Delmore is a 10+ year American Welding Society (AWS) Certified Welding Inspector (CWI) and Welding Educator (CWE) and sits on three AWS Code Subcommittees (A5I, Tungsten Electrodes, and A5K Zirconium Filler Metals & G2D Refractory Alloys). He was an advisor to Chapter 6 of the 2012 Edition of the AWS Welding Handbook on Titanium and Titanium Alloys. He is the past Chairman of AWS Section #183 (now known as the Puget Sound Olympic Section #42).

Mike Brace Named Key Account Manager

December, 2015

Mathey Dearman is pleased to announce the addition of Mike Brace as Key Account Manager. Mike will support and work with the entire sales team in developing relationships with key customers to increase their awareness of Mathey’s applications and products which can help their operations. Mike brings over 20 years of sales and operational experience, with strong relationship building skills necessary for successful customer service and ensuring client satisfaction and growth. Formerly with Miller Electric, Mike was known for providing customers with unsurpassed service and follow-through on all orders, as well as using his experience and training to help customers improve their weld quality and efficiency. Mike is an AWS Certified Welding Inspector, and an AWS Certified Welding Sales Representative. He is Fox Valley AWS Chairman; member of the Advisory Board of the Welding Division of Fox Valley Technical College where he chairs the Certified Sales Technician Program, AWS Certification Committee; an Active Member of the Pipe Liner’s Club of Tulsa; and an Active Member of AWS Tulsa Chapter

Introducing the NEW Dearman Sleeve Clamp

June 30, 2015

In THE DEARMAN SYSTEM tradition, we're excited to introduce a faster and safer way to install sleeves and fittings - Dearman Sleeve Clamps. Leveraging our industry-leading clamping technology, we've built these extreme-duty clamps to handle welded sleeves up to ¾" thick and up to 70,000 PSI tensile strength. Unlike the common and unsafe application of a bottle jack and chain, our purpose-built clamps provide virtually 360 degrees of clamping force. Easy to operate hydraulic closure system makes set up and removal easy and quick. Why risk the chance for flying jacks and falling sleeves when finally, there's a better solution? Click here for more information

Mathey Dearman Appoints Equipment Corps as Certified Service Center

June 22, 2015

Mathey Dearman, Inc. today announced that it has partnered with Equipment Corps, headquartered in Stoney Creek ON, to participate in their Certified Service Center Program. The program provides factory-quality inspection, repair and warranty services for the full line of Mathey Dearman equipment at locations across the continent. "Mathey Dearman has a long-standing dedication to provide the industry's highest level of customer service", said Corky Stewart, North America Sales Manager for Mathey Dearman. "In response to our rapidly increasing sales volume and growing demand for factory-quality maintenance and service for our equipment, we decided to expand the reach of our well-proven service capability by providing regional factory-trained service locations across North America," Boyd added. Technicians from Equipment Corps have successfully completed an intensive factory repair and service training course at Mathey Dearman headquarters in Tulsa, OK. Equipment Corps will provide service and support to Eastern Canada out of their Ontario based headquarters.

Mathey Dearman Expands Engineering Staff

May 30, 2015

Mathey Dearman is pleased to announce the addition of Will Jansen as Director of Engineering and Josh Wilson’s new role as Technical Sales Application Manager. Will Jansen brings more than 11 years experience in the aerospace industry, most recently as the Chief Structures Engineer at Bizjet, as well as extensive experience in stress analysis. As part of the senior management team, Will looks forward to utilizing his experience in the aerospace industry to introduce new perspectives and approaches. His responsibilities include managing and training of the Engineering Department, Will comments that he is “excited to learn from my new colleagues while growing my technical knowledge as well as my leadership and management skills.” First joining Mathey Dearman in 2012 as a Sales Application Engineer, Josh Wilson has now been named Technical Sales Application Manager. Josh’s primary duties will include organizing and heading up all aspects of training for the company, including sales people, Mathey distributors, and end user organizations. In addition to these duties Josh will have a heavy focus on support for Key Account companies and Customer Sales Support. Josh has a reputation for excellent customer support and the ability to handle multiple projects simultaneously.

We Wrote the Book

April 2, 2015

When it comes to cutting, beveling, aligning and reforming pipe for welding, no one has more experience than Mathey Dearman. Since the 1930's, we've been focused on one thing - providing the finest solutions for fitting pipe.

Our namesakes, C.A. Mathey and Tim Dearman brought countless inventioins and innovations to the trade. Inventions that include the world's first saddle-style pipe-beveling machine and The Dearman System Chain and Rim Clamps - often copied, but never equaled. And look no further than The Dearman System, the book written by Tim himself, to see how well he understood the challenges of pipefitting.

From the company and the man who invented our unique products, we continue to offer the original, the authentic, and most importantly the best pipefitting and measuring tools in the business. In the spirit of our founders, we continue to forge ahead with time-saving breakthroughs like our amazing CNC Saddle Machines and our new PlasmaSpeed™ digital motorizing systems. Innovations that will have our competitors going back to the book. Our Book.

Mathey Dearman Launches New Website

March 2015

Mathey Dearman is pleased to announce the launch of their newly updated website  The fresh new redesign provides easy and quick navigation, in- depth product information and full functionality on screens of all sizes.

 Visitors will find detailed information on Mathey Dearman's full line of products including pipe cutting and beveling equipment, aligning and reforming clamps, as well as other pipefitting tools and accessories.  Mathey's Tool Finder makes it quick and easy to find the right tool for the task by starting with the application, adding the cutting method, then the pipe orientation and the user is provided with the right tool choices.

 Access to a list of Certified Service CentersManualsCatalogs, Videos,Chain length Formulas, useful links to industry trade associations andprofessional organizations, and more are readily available.  In addition, an interactive map makes it easy to find the closest Mathey Factory Representation.  


Mathey Dearman Announces New Factory Representatives

January 1, 2015

Mathey Dearman announced the addition of new factory representatives for one of their North America Territories.  Rizzo & Associates, managed by Mr. Marc Rizzo, will begin servicing Arizona, California, Hawaii & Nevada.  Marc, along with associates Dominic Rizzo and Nicholas Rizzo, have completed extensive product and application training at company headquarters in Tulsa.  They will continue to serve and build upon the long-standing customer base developed in the territory by their predecessor, Mr. Ed Phelan.

 Mathey Dearman Factory Representatives strive to reflect the personal qualities of Tim Dearman, the founding father of one of the combined companies that is now Mathey Dearman.  Mr. Dearman's legacy of providing effective solutions, high quality tools and first class customer service have helped keep Mathey Dearman an industry leader. 

 According to Corky Stewart, North American Sales Manager, "We are thrilled to welcome Marc, Dominic & Nicholas to the Mathey Dearman Team.  We are confident that all three gentlemen will represent our products and company in a truly exceptional manner.  Their efforts and dedication to our mutual customers will be crucial in maintaining our challenging standards for customer satisfaction and sales growth."

 With its roots in the 1930's, Mathey Dearman is a valued supplier to welders and pipefitters through thousands of distributors worldwide. The company provides machines, systems, and advice for the fabrication and installation of welded pipes, tubes, and vessels.  Its mission is to deliver high-quality, safe, and effective solutions to its customers, and distribution channel partners, and add value to all its stakeholders.

Announcing our "Make the Cut" educational discount.

March 8, 2013

Mathey Dearman is happy to announce our "Make the Cut" educational discount. We are offering the discount, for educational facilities and students, on some of our entry level tools. The discount will be applied on shipments sent direct to the educational, vocational or technical school. Ask for more information.