Hold Down Clamp

Sturdi-Jack II Pipe Stand

Mathey Dearman Hold Down Clamps safely secure the pipe to a jackstand or table for the fit-up of tees, elbows, flanges and other fittings. Hold Down Clamps can also be used in conjunction with the Level and Support Device to hold pipes or fittings in place during alignment and welding. Lightweight and easy to install, the D244 Hold Down Clamp has a range of 2” – 16” (51 mm – 406 mm) with an 800 lb. working load. The D245 Hold Down Clamp has a range of 10” – 48” (254 mm – 1219 mm) with 1,300 lb. working load. The crank mechanism of the Mathey Dearman Hold Down Clamp takes up slack in the chain to hold the pipe securely in place. Hold Down Clamps can be used with Chain Clamps for pipe to elbow down and pipe to cross-tee applications Caution: The clamping chain should be wrapped at the base of the V-Head of the jackstand, not through the legs.



Item Number Pipe Diameter in (mm)
D244 2-16 (51-406)
D245 10-48 (254-1219)