Since 1936 Mathey Dearman has been an industry leader in creating equipment to make pipe cutting and fitting safer and more efficient. Now, Mathey is excited about our new partnership to bring the fine products from G.B.C. Group to the U.S. market. G.B.C.’s Italian made cold cutting and beveling equipment is a natural complement to our line of precision equipment.

Their pipe cutters, millers, bevellers and flange facing machines have been known throughout the world for more than thirty years. In the field of pipe and plate cutting and beveling they occupy a leading position in the world market. This is thanks to the quality, variety and high technology of their cutting and beveling tools. The G.B.C. Group has recently moved into their new facility in Via Sandro Pertini, where the major business activities are carried out and where the main components of all their machines are manufactured. Since 1996 G.B.C. has adopted management procedures in accordance with the standards of the quality assurance system UNI EN ISO 9001 (SGS ITALIA S.R.L. N° IT 96.088 since 1996) certifying the manufacturing standards of their excellent equipment.

Thanks to the partnership with Mathey Dearman this fine equipment is now readily available throughout the United States.

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