Hydraulic Cage Clamps

Hydraulic Cage ClampsMathey Dearman’s Hydraulic Cage Clamp utilizes a rugged hydraulic closure mechanism to create the extra force necessary to align large pipe diameters while also permitting the rapid release of the clamp from the pipe. The Hydraulic Cage Clamp is available for 16” to 60” (406 mm to 1524 mm) pipe.


  • QUICK | Aligns pipes easily and fast
  • EFFICIENT | Good choice when aligning pipes with no reforming required

Cage Clamp Cross Bar Designs

Tack-type straight cross bars have flared ends so pipes can be moved easily into position and clamped. After the pipe is tack welded, the clamp is removed from the pipe and the weld is completed.
No-tack cross bars are arched to permit a full-circle weld without removing the Clamp. The no-tack Clamp can help increase welding quality and efficiency.


Model Pipe Size Range (in / mm) Est. Shipping Weight
01.0505.H16 01.0505.HN16 16 (406)
01.0505.H18 01.0505.HN18 18 (457)
01.0505.H20 01.0505.HN20 20 (508)
01.0505.H22 01.0505.HN22 22 (559)
01.0505.H24 01.0505.HN24 24 (610)
01.0505.H26 01.0505.HN26 26 (660)
01.0505.H26 01.0505.HN26 28 (711)
01.0505.H30 01.0505.HN30 30 (762)
01.0505.H32 01.0505.HN32 32 (812)
01.0505.H34 01.0505.HN34 34 (864)
01.0505.H36 01.0505.HN36 36 (914)
01.0505.H38 01.0505.HN38 38 (965)
01.0505.H40 01.0505.HN40 40 (1016)
01.0505.H42 01.0505.HN42 42 (1219)
01.0505.H48 01.0505.HN48 48 (127)
01.0505.H54 01.0505.HN54 54 (1372)
01.0505.H60 01.0505.HN60 60 (1524)
01.0505.H00 01.0505.HN00 Hydraulic Jack

Clamps with stainless steel contact points or for odd-size pipe available on request.

Add SS at end of part number for stainless steel.